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Simple, instinctive Messaging Center
Our cross-platform Messaging Center allows you to easily integrate Facebook, LINE@, and other apps without logging in and out.
Customer service message assignment
Distribute customer's conversation to organization members, without worrying about missing messages or repeating responses, which greatly reduces communication costs!
Broadcast with ease
Use broadcast to start conversations and turn followers into customers!
Create eye-catching content with the message template editor
Text, images, options, voting, games and other add-ons make conversations more fun!
8 takes you head and shoulders above other marketing messages
In the age of conversational commerce, 8 provides the best customer service and keeps you in the loop
Chatbot scenarios
Chatbots help grow your business by engaging with customers – enabling product purchases, bookings, reservations and answering queries.
Real-time data of customer preferences
Precise data analytics track customer preferences and drive superior marketing strategies.
Integrated customer profiles
Still keying in individual customer profiles? 8 automatically collects and integrates customer profiles within conversations
Manage group sets of customers
Create group sets and broadcast to customers based on their needs and preferences!
“8 is a friendly and effective marketing tool, allowing me to quickly reach out to large numbers of loyal customers!”
Olive Ting
Founder, Era Ogilvy PR.
"All thanks to 8, we increased our Facebook traffic sixfold, even without experience in creating chatbot scenarios. 8 cares about the customer experience as much as we do!"
Digital Marketing Team
Comprehensive plans for all scenarios
From sales, customer polls, brand awareness, marketing, to after-sales services, 8 does it all!
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